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In Loving Memory

James A. Tropeano "Pops"

April 24, 1924 - July 19, 2018


MaryAnn Tropeano

July 29, 1931 - February 24, 2019



Birth of the Company

The company’s founder James Anthony Tropeano, or as many in the business know him as “Pops”, built this company on integrity, honor, hard work and an extreme passion for the business.  His journey to becoming a construction junkie began at the early age of six, as he loaded his first toy truck with sand and pushed it around the sand pile.  “Pops” love for dirt and trucks never ended.

In 1945 after serving three years in World War II, “Pops” and his brother Ben bought their first truck, a 1935 V8 Ford. They began doing the work their father had been doing with horses. It was later learned that the truck was a "lemon". "Pops" decided to trade the truck in and purchase a brand new one.  It turned out to be a stroke of genius and the years to come were very good to him. He added five more trucks over the years.  In 1960 things took a turn for the worse and he had to sell all but two trucks.   He was offered a job with The Perini Company and accepted their offer.

After working 10 years with Perini, “Pops” decided it was time go into business again. He bought a Gradall and went into the rental business. In 1983, with the success of his small business behind him, James A. Tropeano began J. Tropeano, Inc.


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